The RazoRock Hawk

The RazoRock Hawk. Just the name alone gives this razor a high mark on the “cool factor”. This is the newest razor developed and sold exclusive by The Italian Barber company. It is a single edge razor that uses the popular and very sharp Feather Artist Club injector type blades.
Now, this isn’t the first razor produced in this SE design. There’s the famous Cobra razor and later The Mongoose razor, both which are basically shaving works of art IMO. BUT, these razors are generally not what the average guy, like myself can easily obtain because they are quite pricey. So the folks at Italian Barber came up with an alternative for guys like me. Instead of stainless steel, they used 6061 billet aluminum. It’s a much lighter metal and much easier to tool than stainless. I worked with metal for many years and stainless is top of the line as far as heft and durability. But it’s HARD. And that means it takes much more effort to tool than the softer aluminum. Therefore, using aluminum make the razor easier and less expensive to machine. That being said, this razor is by no means a cheap piece of junk. They are precisely made and are, to me, a REALLY good looking razor.
Now to where it really matters. Performance. I love the way it handles. I’ve purchased one of the heavier razors and the shave it gave me was excellent. But it was a little difficult to steer around my face due to that excessive weight. The Hawk gave me an outstanding shave and was really easy to navigate my face and neck both WTG and ATG.
The only negative thing I can say about the Hawk is that it’s hard to get your hands on one. Because of the low price point and the fact that it shaves so good, makes it so popular right now that they sell out pretty much instantly as soon as they list them on their site. I got lucky and was able to score one from a Facebook friend. But I’d definitely recommend you pick one up by whatever means if you’re looking for a modern, high quality Single Edge shaver.They are available in both chrome and black anodized finish.

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