SOTD: September 2nd, 2014

I am about to state what I believe to be the obvious, but may stir the pot so hear me out. First and foremost I love EU products and the lineage and history Europe has especially in the world of soaps, and creams. Let’s face the facts they have a few hundred years on us Americans in more ways than just shaving. I find though Americans to be more close minded with regard to what is considered age corresponding. Let me get to the SOTD and maybe I can explain better.

Today and actually for the entire month of September I am using products I have not used in a while. My goal is by years end to finish a dozen jars of soap or, cream. Today I used Jermyn Street by Taylor of old Bond street; one of the Three T’s ! It is an amazing performer and even though it has passed that 12 month use by date by a month or three…… it still works great and I cannot tell a drop of difference. Now lets talk about my initial statement…. in Europe which I am familiar with age is not looked at the same way we do here in the United States.  Jermyn street is a very young, and what I call club like fragrance…..very sweet and “20 something”  to the American nose. I really like the scent but at 37 I question is this a scent that is age appropriate when I go to work ? In Europe they are much more open-minded, and have so many less hang ups, I wish America would catch up on their social trends and views. Not to say I agree 100%, but there are different mind sets. For today and for the rest of the month I could care less about pre conceived accepted scents…. guess what it will be finished by the end of the month, and I do not care if it is a youthful scent on an almost 40-year-old man. The stuff is slick, cushioning, smells great and very cologne like. Truthfully I feel better using it as it brings that confidence level up…. it plain smells great. the great performance is a bonus. I used my custom Marting Silvertip badger brush in my apothecary mug to whip up a superb lather ! it has been a while since I have used TOBS, and the brand for $14.99 a tub is a winner.


I used another modern style razor today….one that has been done in the past but brought back by Greg from Ikon and known as the modular generation 3 OSS, mounted on my Ikon bulldog 316L stainless handle. This is another great product as one side is open comb the other closed ! Genius. The only downside is more rinsing if you dedicate to using only one side. I personally did my reduction pass or WTG pass with the open comb and then my XTG and ATG with the closed comb. An easy BBS with a Rapira Swedish Supersteel on its second use. This is another razor I don’t use as often as I should.


Finally I was BBS smooth in 3 passes and a few minor touch-up… I was super close, and after I did my cold water rinse; I was a bit worried. I didn’t see any obvious signs of over shaving, but the alum block was about to tell me….all I knew was I was closer today then in a long time.  Well only a mild to non-existent sting ! A great shave, and the alum block does not lie. I finished it off with Fine aftershave “Platinum” another younger scent I believe modeled after Creed Aventus but with menthol and then the matching Taylor of old Bond Street “Jermyn Street” milk.


Well I am on a mission to stick with 3 main stay soaps or creams for the entire month, and I know I will be finishing all 3 and possibly 1-2 more by months end. I really enjoyed todays shave, and I hope you all enjoyed yours as well ! -Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Clinique facial bar
  • Prep: Glycerin
  • Cream: Taylor of old Bond Street ” Jermyn Street”
  • Brush: Marting custom Silvertip badger
  • Razor: Ikon OSS head mounted to an Ikon Bulldog handle
  • Blade: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (2)
  • Lather: Bowl lathered in an apothecary mug
  • Mustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: HTGAM Tache’ wax and Murray’s Superior
  • Post Shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • After shave: Fine “Platinum”
  • Balm: Taylor of old Bond street “Jermyn street” milk


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