SOTD: September 27th, 2014

Today as planned I used another singe edge razor, I have about another day or, so on a GEM Stainless blade and I am using this opportunity to focus a little bit on my SE razors. I have much less in terms of SE razors compared to my DE’s and even my straight razors so I enjoy these little side adventures. The bottom line is that they are great shavers and should be in rotation.

Today I used a pretty sentimental razor, my 1930’s era GEM OCMM “Micromatic” the older style sported what is called the antennae style handle and where usually un-plated brass and the later versions where plated and could have the newer “bullet tip” handle. This was my Great Grandfathers razor that I actually learned on when I started wet shaving back at around 14 years old. I paired this great razor with a GEM stainless blade on its third use. Still shaving great and the OCMM while not my favorite SE razor still delivers a fine shave.


I am holding strong with my soap, and cream rotation to actually “use” some products up and maybe make a dent in my den. Pre de Provence was the soap of the day. I love this soap everything from its floral and green aroma to the thick and luxurious lather. Many a times I have put this soap on the top shelf in my den. I also used my purple handled Omega essentials boar brush that Badger and Blade released between late 2013 and 2014. I enjoy this brushes they are fairly soft and have a stiff back bone and while soft are scritchy enough to exfoliate well, and more important to me at the moment to pick up soap ! It’s not that I want the PdP to go away .. I just want to see some used as I feel like I have had the soap forever.


Again today was a 2 pass shave I was not BBS nor do I want to be. I really don’t “strive”  for a BBS especially on the weekends when I have no place to be. I as usual finished off with my cold water rinse and Shavex alum. I did change-up in a big way my aftershave. I decided to use Nivea energy splash which really is a different dimension and aroma than PdP more cologne like in fragrance but I like the face feel of Nivea Energy as well as I used the PDP balm, so once combined it took on an aroma that was a unique combination of the two, it was quite pleasant and refreshing and I was glad I tried it.


In the end today was a great shave that I really enjoyed from razor to balm. I hope you all also had amazing shaves, and have great days ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Aveeno naturals facial wash
  • Prep: Glycerin
  • Soap: Pre de Provence
  • Brush: Omega essentials boar “Purple B&B handle”
  • Razor: GEM OCMM Micromatic
  • Blade: GEM stainless (3)
  • Lather type: Face and Bowl
  • Moustache: Natural handlebar
  • Wax & Pomade: Brooklyn Grooming ” Williamsburg” and Suavecito Firme Hold
  • Post shave: CWR and Shavex alum
  • After shave: Nivea Energy splash
  • Balm: Pre de Provence balm

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