SOTD: September 26th, 2014

Well we one again made it to Friday, and our weeks end is in sight. Today I actually chose my SOTD in an odd way. Normally I pick my day based upon scent, and what mood I am trying to set or, there is a rhythmic rotation. Today I said “I just used a SE blade” I rarely use SE razors though I really enjoy them. I get appx. 4 uses out of a GEM SS blade… so guess what I am riding that train ! 4 days of SE shaves.

Yesterday I used the GEM Heavy flat top, and I mentioned audible feedback. Today was the Ever-Ready 1912 the grand daddy of the SE world. Now these older single edge razors had “lather catchers” or curved open backs. In essence this is a reverberation and acoustical chamber for the whiskers that are cut. The 1912 is infinitely louder than the HFT which I love. There is nothing like that sound first thing in the morning to make you feel like your accomplishing a great shave.



For my soap as I said above I am somewhat going through a rotation in order to move my den a bit. I used Mr. Taylor by Taylor’s of old Bond Street, easily a gentleman’s scent; while not barbershop I would call this modern and relevant while being aquatic in fragrance nature with some green notes as well. I always think this is what a professional masculine scent is dominant, confident, and approachable. Not to mention it lathers like a champ with my Vie-Long “Cachurro” horse hair brush…. totally a bowl lather type of day here.

001Vie-Long v2007

I only did 2 passes ! It’s all I needed this is a rare occurrence for me. I ended in typical fashion with cold water and alum…. I have to say I will be reviewing here on 365shaves a new product I used….alum matches…. yeah you heard that right. I think this may be the product of the year for me. I did not use it today but it’s still on my mind ! I did however use Shavex and am effective rounding off those edges since I dropped that slippery block. To end I used “Tombstone” from HTGAM which has become one of my preferred scents that originally I was unsure of. I compare it to Tabac you either love it or, hate it…and in my case it grew on me.


That’s about that everyone so I hope you all had great shaves and most importantly started them off with a great shave ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower with Clinique facial bar
  • Prep: Proto lather
  • Cream: Taylor of old Bond street ” Mr. Taylor”
  • Brush: Vie-Long “Cachurro” horse hair brush
  • Razor: Ever-Ready 1912
  • Blade: GEM stainless (2)
  • Lather type: Bowl
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax & Pomade: Jenulence citrus and Cedar and Layrite Superhold
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse and Shavex alum
  • Aftershave: HTGAM “Tombstone”

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