SOTD: September 25th, 2014

Good morning ! It has been a busy last few days; trying to catch up since having the creeping crud, but I’m finally almost caught up. I decided today to change things up and to put the double edge razor down and pick the SE razors up; specifically the GEM HFT or heavy flat top aka the “G-bar”. This is a very under rated shaver, I love the futuristic design (remember this baby was from the 1950’s and 60’s), the audible feedback is superb and the tactile feedback also is great. I paired it with a GEM stainless blade first use so I was a bit harsh but it was a new blade and I expect that super sharp experience. I used the wonderful D.R. Harris Arlington soap; which never seems to go away…. not complaining, but I’m starting to feel a lack of accomplishment ( I even weighed it ! no change). I loaded this great soap with my Semogue 830 once my least favorite brush now I couldn’t recommend it higher.


This was a very nice comfortable relaxing shave with those great citrus notes…… I finished off in normal fashion and I used the matching “Arlington” splash for my after shave. No moisturizer today as it is a very wet rainy day ….. all the humidity I need the good Lord provided.  have a great day all, and if you get the chance get yourself a GEM HFT razor while not as comfortable IMHO as the Micromatic or, even the much older 1912 or 1914 Ever-Ready; it’s a great shaver for any SE razor enthusiast. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Clinique facial bar (the other soap that never goes away
  • Prep:none
  • Soap: D.R. Harris “Arlington
  • Brush: Semogue 830
  • Razor: GEM “Heavy Fat Top” aka G-Bar
  • Blade: GEM Stainless Steel (1)
  • Lather: Face and Bowl
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: Fire House Dark and Murray’s Superior (PB)
  • Post Shave: Cold water rinse and Shavex alum
  • After Shave: D.R. Harris “Arlington Splash”
  • EDT: Lacoste L12.12. Blanc

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