SOTD: September 23rd, 2014

Despite my cold or, Flu I have to work, and today was no exception and my office can be almost anywhere. I had to leave overnight, and had to at minimum; look and feel half way good, as I had an entire 5 hour presentation to do at an event. So it was a definite change to my normal routine, as I was not traveling with a ton of  gear for a single overnight at the Marriott and home the next day. Travel and Wet shaving can be accomplished in many ways but this time I tried a minimalist approach. A shave stick, a sample bottle with a 1/2 ounce of after shave and a Synthetic brush oh and my RazoRock alum ; that was it ! I must say it worked out great and my only complaint / tip is take a proven razor and blade combination. I finally found a “problem” with my Symmetry ! I found Sputnik blades and this razor are super aggressive paired together and led to a bit of a so-so shave in the comfort division. I was super smooth,  but a different blade like A Gillette Silver blue or even an Astra would have been better. I could also have brought a different razor, but at $30 appx.. I like to travel with an affordable razor not a 1934 Aristocrat if you catch my drift as that is way harder to replace God forbid something went wrong as often happens during travel.

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I am home and so happy to be back with all my options ! I hope you all had great days and shaves ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower with/ Garnier  charcoal facial scrub
  • Prep: Hot steamed towel
  • Soap: Speick have stick
  • Brush: Plisson synthetic
  • Razor: HTGAM “Symmetry” open comb
  • Blade: Sputnik (2)
  • Lather type: Face
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: Pinaud natural & American Crew Molding Clay
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse and RazoRock stick alum
  • After shave: Speick splash
  • Balm: Cremo balm ( This stuff is awesome….. a review is soon to follow )
  • EDT: Bvlgari Aqua Amara

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