SOTD: September 11th, 2014

For once I am not going to bombard the community with a long SOTD. In remembrance of the extinguished lights from all around the world today in 2001 the focus belongs on that, and not my shave of the day. I dedicate this shave to all the men, women, children and families that were effected including my own. Today’s date changed my personal life in many ways as an American and as a New Yorker. On that note I hope you all have wonderful days as they say let the “bad past” stay in the past, and never forget those that were lost. – Aaron


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  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Garnier facial scrub
  • Cream: Taylor of old Bond street “Jermyn Street”
  • Brush: Kent BLK-8 Silvertip
  • Razor: Gillette 195 adjustable (1961)
  • Blade: Ladas Super Stainless (1)
  • Lather type: Bowl
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: FireHouse Dark & Mystery Pomade ( No not CaD though I was in the beta test )
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum ( I dropped it and it broke today I’m not happy)
  • After shave: Fine “American Blend” !
  • Deodorant/quasi scent of the day” HTGAM Barbersoul”

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