SOTD: October 9th, 2014

Travel……such a double edge sword for a double-edged blade ! really I mean it.  In one hand it’s exciting to travel to see new places even if it is for work, on the other hand; what if something goes wrong, and your nowhere near your home ? This scenario was my shave today. I take full responsibility for this shave, so do not think I am passing it off on a mfg. this was a bad judgment call on my part, so I’m putting it out there so maybe someone else won’t make the same bad call I did.

Okay first off when you travel; know your gear, period. I for the most part do but I have so many blades, and I recently bought a few new razors, so I am still trying to see what “works”.  NEVER travel, and see what “works”. Always use a known shaver and blade combination and you will not be let down. Second know your face….. know your shaves, and know your tolerances. Don’s shave BBS smooth and 6 hours later grab an ATT H2 and go 3 passes you will feel the burn, and not the weight lifting type.

On a positive always travel with safety back ups. I never leave my house without a few things, witch hazel, styptic matches (more on these later), alum blocks, and a really good lotion; forget the after shave YMMV so if you want to bring an alcohol based AS that is completely cool as well. A few other things that come with me are glycerin, hydrocortisone, and aspirin ! These all will help ease a razor burn or, in the case of an aspirin mask will act as a vasodilator reducing redness and even stopping the bleeding, obviously know your allergies before using ANY of these. I am not recommending their use only saying what I bring with me.  A good back up will really help a rough shave so never skimp on the finish.



Well at this point I’ll just say that Astra SP blades which are an “ok” blade for me. Usually a great travel blade that I don’t care about throwing away after one use, I will never use in the HTGAM “Symmetry” razor again. I love my Symmetry and have used it with other blades with great success so this was just a bad combo on a bad day for failure. I never used this combination before…..shame on me.  I did go three passes and while only a few weepers it was a very uncomfortable shave. Very.


I will say and I have not heard of anyone using this soap in forever I used RazoRock’s Chianti Lavender with my Plisson Synthetic.  Perfect ! I could not have asked for a more fragrant and thick lather that was a pleasure to use. I really had to ask myself why I ever stopped using this as often as I did. I finished off like I said in rescue mode so lets just say I did a bunch of stuff and used the Art of Shavings “Lavender” balm. Say what you will this is a great balm and has an excellent aroma. Is it over priced ? maybe, is it P&G ? absolutely but IMHO worth it as I enjoy the aroma.


So while a rough shave today it was mine, and I still loved it as not every shave is going to be all powder puffs and unicorns. I hope you all great shaves, and enjoyed your days, those tips above, hopefully never need be used, but I hope they help. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ TBS tea tree oil facial wash
  • Prep: Proto lather w/ towel
  • Soap: RazoRock “Chianti Lavender”
  • Brush: Plisson synthetic
  • Razor: HTGAM “Symmetry”
  • Blade: Astra SP (1) (done)
  • Lather type: Face
  • Moustache type: Handle bar heavy double turn
  • Wax and Pomade: Pinaud Black and A/G style Waxx pomade and Stucco clay appx 20/80 mix. It was pretty good great hold perfect shine.
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • Additional: Hydrocortisone to reduce redness and inflammation
  • Balm: Art of Shaving “Lavender”



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