SOTD: October 23rd, 2013

Well I am a day late posting this. Renovating a house preparing for a new addition is not allowing much time for posting as of late. Consider this post a back log LOL. I originally was going to use Shaving Yeti’s Morning Wood as it has a great scent and pretty decent feel to it. I had a last-minute change of heart and decided to complicate things, a lot. I ended up #1 bowl lathering which I rarely do as I figured I would make a super lather. I used Mitchell’s Wool Fat ( you know wool fat Wednesday’s) and Prosaro cream. These are two great products that I rarely use and I was compelled to see how an ultra creamy lanolin rich soap would marry up to a super methylated cream. Both classics in their own right. Believe it or not for the scent Mitchells won the coin, though the menthol kick was still very prevalent on my face. I seem to be using my NEW a lot and today was no different but I paired it up with a relatively unused Astra sp on it’s 2 tour and the results were superb !!! Last point I would like to make. I always hear about issues lathering MWF, I have hard water very hard. If anyone should be struggling I should. I did not even soak the puck and to make it tougher I used my Omega 63185 badger brush which is very soft. No problems whatsoever I built the soaps lather first before adding the Prosaro which of course just explodes on contact. I really enjoyed this combo as a purist I do not know if I will be doing this again anytime soon but at least I know it works very well together.  OH and complicate things wait until you see my after shave regimen  !!!!!  – Aaron


  • Pre: Hot shower
  • Prep: Prosaro pre/post
  • Soap: Mitchell’s Wool Fat
  • Cream: Prosaro Green
  • Brush: Omega 63185
  • Razor 1929-32 era Gillette NEW
  • Blade: Astra sp (2)
  • Lather type: Bowl
  • Beard type: Chinstrap
  • Moustache: yup
  • Post shave: Cold water and alum block
  • After shave(s): 2 parts Aqua Velva ice blue, 1 part Osage Rub
  • Moisturizer: Sandhal’s  Lucky Tiger methylated vanishing cream

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