SOTD: March 20th, 2014

Traveling is never is nor is it usually fun; especially when it is for work. I though had the luxury of working at the world Famous Orange County Choppers establishment in Newburgh N.Y. ! this is not only a landmark itself but a 15 minute ride from where General George Washington’s; later to become our first United states President had his encampment in New Windsor and West point was just  a skip away ! A Military man’s dream spot even if for work. So let’s switch gears shaving my favorite topic, and believe me I spoke about it today with more people than I can count. The girls at O.C.C. Loved my handlebar moustache and Jordan was especially a sweet girl, and I wish her the best if she ever reads this,  and gets her college degree. Great people, and conversations all from a damn moustache these conversations start. It as got to make you laugh a bit.


So traveling as a wet shaver presents some challenges as we have more gear, it tends to be more expensive and space is always at a premium when on the road. So we don our dopp kit, and start making educated calculated decisions about space, dry times, blades and what we “really” need to bring. I decided on a few things early on and went a different route; much less minimalist than normal for me. For my hardware I brought my IKON 316L fully marine grade open comb razor in lieu of the typical Edwin Jagger DE89LBL which costs about a 1/5 the price. I brought my Plisson synthetic; this was the first time I have ever used a synthetic on the road though truth be told I did have a mini black badger AoS brush with me just in case. Finally I had my Sputnik blade now on shave number 6 ! this may be another 10+ shave on a Sputnik back to back; simply an amazing blade.



For my software and don’t give me too much grief as I am fully aware that Art of Shaving is Proctor and Gamble makers and owner’s of the current Gillette corporation among others. They do have an outstanding travel kit though with a travel tube of pre shave oil, shave cream, a miniature black badger brush ( which is actually quite nice), and finally a travel size balm. My cream scent was my favorite AoS scent Lavender.  The best part I have had and used this travel kit many a time and it only cost me $25 USD you cannot beat the performance or price of these products. The only additional items I did bring in lieu of a splash I used Dickinson’s witch hazel in towellete form and brought my alum block in case I had any weeper which I did not though all the above was used except I did use the Plisson. I made mention the other day the Plisson synthetic would shine with creams and my Lord did it ever what a great lather this brush made with such a tiny amount of AoS lavender cream. Beautiful three pass shave that could not be beat. Hey all the girls at O.C.C. seemed to notice; Luckily I am a man of God and a happily married man, but would be a liar if I was to say it didn’t feel good for those ladies to all take notice of a great shave, great stache’ and smooth well-groomed skin.

001(Minus the EJ razor)


In conclusion travel and wet shaving I do not think will ever be “easy” and sometimes you need to cut corners, but never compromise a great shave and a bit of the comforts of home in place of an extra few inches of luggage or Dopp space; we do this for a bit of luxury right ? That doesn’t need to change just because you are on the road just do it wisely. – Aaron

  • Pre: hot shower w/ Clinique facial bar
  • Cream: Art of Shaving Lavender
  • Brush: Plisson Synthetic
  • Razor: IKON 316L open Comb
  • Blade: Sputnik (6)
  • Lather type: Face- Three passes
  • Beard type: Chinstrap
  • Moustache type: Handlebar
  • Post shave: cold water rinse and Shavex alum block
  • After shave: Dickinson’s witch hazel 14% alcohol ( Distilled )
  • After shave balm: Art of Shaving Lavender balm


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