SOTD: July 20th, 2014 “The Captain”

As with all good things, a weeks worth of great shaves, and new scents with two great brands Tiki Bar, and Ginger’s Garden comes to an end. This does not mean I will not use them again, on the contrary this week bumped them up many notches in my den. I am very happy I used these products this week as it really opened up my eye (take the joke), and showed me how great these artisans are becoming, and have become as Tiki has been around I believe about a year maybe a drop longer or, less. So let’s get to it as today’s shave was great.


It seems shaving off that darn Chinstrap Beard has made everything as a fellow reviewer calls It, Awesome Sauce about my shaves ! Thanks Chris now you have me saying it;  especially with the straight razors. Today I broke out the Thiers-Issard 889 Spartacus pretty much the upper end of my straight razor collection; though not my favorite by hand feel I really love the Ralf Aust razors and the DOVO La Forme. The 5/8 Thiers-Issard was very sharp though as I had recently refreshed the blade, and this great razor made very fast work of the stubble I had growing. Again three passes; the only place I have a mild stubble issues is on my chin…. no cuts or, weepers just not as close as I would like it to be though still a DFS, and only I seem to notice this. My shaves even with a DE are like this, so it may just be one of those DFS places instead of BBS…..I think I will live !

003004Thiers-Issard Straight Razor Box

Next up was my last soap of the week. Now as a Vegan I hear all the time you can’t be vegan if you use tallow soaps ! really ? Well I better take my belt off and throw my wallet out too……I just go by the rule I wont EAT the soap, and someone best send me an updated handbook with the “rules”.  I love tallow based soaps plain and simple. There I said it take my vegan card away. I just find Tallow based soaps to have a certain creaminess to them, and explosive nature you do not always get with a vegetable based shave soap, though we have come a LONG way I must admit. there is now almost no excuse for me not to use a vegan soap, other than I like tallow soaps, so today was “The Captain” in the tallow formulation. Hints of pipe smoke….though very different ; like a burley and Virginia blend; more of a deep smoke not a spicy one like Cavendish, a Cherry note, and leather notes dominate this soap while all these scents being a bit subdued…I would venture to say increasing these scents could from an aroma stand point really make “The Captain” shine. The newer pucks may have this already done to them, mine have been in service 6 or more months.  The lather itself was phenomenal as I whipped it up in my scuttle with my Kent BLK-8 “my” ideal bowl lathering brush. Together it was a winning combination. The key to great scuttle use is temperature, here is a little tip- keep the scuttle warm, very warm like under 120 degrees. If you heat the scuttle to high you will “melt” the oils in the soap and the lather will suffer. Remember a scuttle is to warm the lather not make it scalding hot. This rule holds especially true with Tallow based soaps.


To end this shave I used a very special after shave. First though I did my standard cold water rinse, followed by some Shavex alum;  which is starting to become thin. I cleaned up my work area, rinsed the alum off, and allowed my face to dry gently patting it with my towel (never rub your face) the skin on your face is so much more delicate than you realize. I broke out from Ginger’s Garden the one and only  “‘Dragon’s  Blood” the name alone is seriously bad ***, and with that name you better be really good ! and it was.  I love this amber scent very rich and intoxicatingly sweet, yet musky  and very sensual, and tough at the same time. Chuck Norris may wear this scent. I am 37 and know some of the classic incense’s, and have been told Dragon’s Blood was popular in the 1970’s, and this after shave was modeled after that. I must confirm that with Irena , but I believe that may be very likely the case.

cold water shave001001001

I will be doing reviews on both Tiki Bar and Ginger’s Garden over the next few days as the week has come to and end. I must say I am very happy I switched up from my go to gear and used these; they surely opened my eyes to some great new soaps, and after shaves that are ALREADY in my den, kind of a no brainer here. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower with Jack blacks aloe and sage facial wash
  • Prep: USP  glycerin (neck only on all passes)
  • Soap: Tiki Bar ” The Captain” Tallow formula
  • Brush: Kent BLK-8
  • lather: Scuttle
  • Razor: Thiers-Issard 889 Spartacus 5/8 round point full hollow in faux amber scales
  • Moustache: English spike
  • Wax and Pomade: HTGAM Tache’ Wax and 550 extra water based pomade
  • Post shave:: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • After shave: Ginger’s Garden “Dragon’s Blood”


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