SOTD: July 10th, 2014

I never thought the day would come when I would say I figured out how to navigate my odd neck growth pattern with a straight razor. Yesterday I pretty much had it down 100% BBS face and neck, but like anyone; didn’t want to say I did it, unless the results where repeatable with an entirely different setup. I can VERY happily say I did it ! I overlooked the easiest thing I could have done….. keep in mind my WTG/ATG passes are east and west or, horizontally across my neck (therein was my problem). The solution turn my neck hard to the left or the right almost like I was lying my head on my left or right shoulder. This gave me a flat WTG/ATG surface to shave on !! BBS has now been accomplished 3 days straight no cuts,weepers, or other major irritation ! I finally feel like I am using a straight razor the way it was intended, and getting the closest possible shave. It just took a lot of trial and error; it reminded me of learning a DE/SE razor so many years ago and my first BBS and the pride I felt. Anyways I hope that tip helps someone out there….. I know a few have commented their facial hair does the same non-sense as mine ! try it out it may just work for you, but BE CAREFUL ! Other than that a great shave with my TFS “Arancio Amaro Aroma Intensio” soap aka my Bay Rum and cinnamon and Bitter orange soap….really a great overall performer massive lathers are produced with this soap, and great year round scent profile though slightly leaning towards fall and winter, it is pretty much the polar opposite of the TFS Bergamotto Neroli a spring and summer staple . I used my Dovo 6/8 La Forme straight razor a pure delight to use and my normal clean up. Just a great very accomplished feeling shave today.


Hope everyone’s days and shaves were great ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot Shower w/ Jack Black’s aloe and sage facial wash and Musgo Real Orange Amber face soap
  • Prep: USP grade glycerin 3:1 ratio
  • Soap: Tcheon Fung Sing ” Arancio Amaro Aroma Intensio”
  • Brush: Semogue 830
  • Lather type: Face and Bowl
  • Razor: DOVO “La Forme” 6/8 Shoulder less straight razor
  • Beard and Moustache: Chinstrap & Handlebar
  • Wax & Pomade: Pinaud Neural & Suavecito Firme Hold
  • Post shave: cold water rinse, and RazoRock alum
  • After shave: Pinaud VIBR (Bay Rum)
  • Balm: Aveeno unscented w/ oats
  • EDT: Bvlgari “MAN extreme”


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