SOTD: February 12th, 2015

Throw back Thursday shave. Today I used the first badger brush I ever got, and also the first shave cream I ever got that didn’t come in a can. I got a very nice lather with the combo and after 2 passes, my face feels pretty darn good. The Pacific Rush was one of the first aftershaves I bought when wet shaving became more than just something I did every morning. I can honestly say it the best $1.75 I’ve ever spent. Just a great product.

  • Razor: Gillette 195 Fatboy
  • Blade: Personna
  • Brush: VDH badger
  • Pre shave: Hot shower
  • Cream: Palmolive Classic
  • Aftershave: Barbasol Pacific Rush
  • Post: Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream

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