SOTD: August 29th, 2014

Friday my favorite day of the week…..sort of. Well I hope we all made it through another work week, and the weekend is upon us again. Today also marks a full rotation of this weeks theme of Catie’s Bubbles as I have five of their offerings. I decided to end the week with what I imagine is probably Catie’s Bubbles most popular seller and IMHO most intriguing scent. So let’s get to it !

Today I went with the ever wonderful Le Piment de La Vie or, any other variation from LPV, LPDLV, LPLV or, I’ve seen at least 2-3 more acronyms for this great soap. I was really proud when I reviewed this soap and I figured out the scent profile, AND !!!! I might add, I still stand behind that blend note profile. That this was a Tobacco and wood blended croap. This also happens to be to my knowledge one of the fragrances that Catie’s Bubbles does not blend in-house, it is sourced, and is potentially going to run out someday…. I keep telling people get it now tomorrow you may find this soap in a different variation. The soap performed great, and of the week I would give the highest rank in terms of scent which is subjective, lather, and glide. This soap is a pleasure to use especially with my Raymond Bukaty Custom Silvertip this brush is as much a work of art as the soap I used it with. I am actually going to be ordering my second Bukaty brush within a week of writing this. It is worthy of mention while this soap will face lather just fine I find Catie’s Bubbles in general to excel at bowl lathering; today I actually used my Roberts Feats of Clay scuttle, ironically I was turned onto Robert by Chris Cullen the owner of Catie’s Bubbles ! The key is not to go too hot as with any oil, you will thin it out …. a little warmer than 100 seems to be a sweet spot to generate a great lather with any soap and this particular scuttle. I wont get into Thermodynamics but the thicker the scuttle walls the higher the temperature needed ….. that is the easy way to put it, a Georgetown G20 may need to be a bit warmer as an example.


For my razor I knew I could not go wrong with an older version IKON open comb or as Greg from IKON called it a generation one which in my research was actually a hit or miss year, I believe, and don’t quote me was either 2009-2010. The razor was either perfect or, was so aggressive it was un-shaveable. I was lucky as I have never had a problem with my IKON of which I have this and the Generation 3 OSS modular head and use the bulldog handle on both. I paired this 316L razor with the same Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge now on use five ! The blade is going strong , but I retired it as let’s not tempt the fates, this was a very respectable usage for this blade.


This was a very enjoyable shave I must say, and very relaxing which is my goal when I shave. To finish I sort of took the advice of many other wet shavers. My normal cold water rinse, alum application, and finally despite the recommended ( other users ) after shave of British Sterling I used HTGAM “Al Fin” another Tobacco dominant scented after shave with the added benefit of menthol and alum added and a great scent that marries great with “LPDLV”. Where I made my change was I actually wore British Sterling EDC.. a bit odd at first as it mingled with the “Al Fin”; eventually finding its place and it wasn’t that bad though I would never use British Sterling over “Al Fin” or ” Alt Innsbruck” I just pick up to many great marrying notes with either of the aforementioned than with British Sterling.


That concludes my SOTD for my Catie’s Bubbles week…… I could jump to other brands at this point, but I enjoyed Chris’s soaps so much this week; there is no way “Quatre Cent Vingt” and “Menta Terrosa” or, “Le Terre Verte” will not be revisited over the weekend,  and that’s all folks ! The weekend begins ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot Shower w/ Musgo Glyce Orange Amber
  • Prep: Lather and hot towel
  • Croap: Catie’s Bubble’s “Le Piment de la Vie”
  • Brush: Raymond Bukaty 24mm silvertip badger full custom
  • Razor: Ikon Gen 1 Open Comb
  • Blade: Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge
  • Lather:  Scuttle
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax & Pomade: Pinaud Natural and Tres Flores
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • After shave: HTGAM “Al Fin !”
  • Balm: Not today folks 🙂
  • EDC: British Sterling

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