SOTD: August 25th, 2014

Greetings from abroad ! I am lucky enough to be traveling for work for the next few days, and had to make an epic choice  …….my wife thinks I am crazy, that choice was more clothes or, more shave gear ? the shave gear won ! I figured it is only three days, an as long as I don’t get some weird food poisoning or, fall into a mud puddle I should be fine…. heck they do have washing services in Europe ! For that matter they are better than the USA ! Bosch there is awesome.


Onto the show or, shave as it were. I am doing a Catie’s Bubbles theme this week with a few extra’s as I only have 5 Catie’s Bubbles soaps. I used my Proraso pre/post shave as a pre shave as I wanted that menthol kick. Today I decided to do a Super Lather with a European twist. I used maybe my favorite CB’s ( not to be confused with Chris Bailey ! ) soap; Menta Terrosa. Menta Terrosa is a perfect blend of mint meets Earth…If I could be outside picking mint from a garden with the aroma of fresh soil and mint this is it ! I love it; nature at its finest. I did super-lather this though to follow my “Menthol Monday”…. I brought a travel 1/2 oz. container of Proraso Green….also a minty cream , but with moderate menthol. I found the two to work well together,  and to my delight,  and surprise the CB’s Menta Terrosa actually was scent dominant to the Proraso ! Awesome ! It has been a while since I used this soap and I found the lather very adequate, but not as cushioning or, thick as I would have liked… as a revisit to an earlier review… still a great performer the lather was adequate just not very thick,  but the two key points that would keep me coming back are #1 the scent is awesome Chris really shines in that department he weaves a myriad of scents that come through wonderfully. Secondly and possibly most important this was a SLICK shave and not from the Proraso… I know Proraso this was the CB’s and it was amazing I was blade buffing with ease not a drop of irritation. I am spending too much time on this soap ……. I realize that now, but Menta Terrosa is not a regular on the groups that I notice in the SOTD’s and I strongly feel peeps be missin’ out !  As a side note I used my Kent BLK-8 and bowl lathered this combination…. simply a great lather… I’ll move on now but let it be said this soap (this even surprised me) was the first thing that made me smile today so for that Thank you Chris !


Moving forward here is where the next few days are going to be limited. I can afford to loose soaps during travel I cannot afford to loose vintage razors or Stainless razors so the razor department will have some repetition, and no straight razors were brought along for the ride. Today was my Edwin Jagger DE89 ! For an “Entry Level” razor ( I say this sarcastically ) this delivers an amazing shave. This razor is a classic in the making mark my words….. this while an affordable razor that many newer wet shavers tend to use along with the Merkur 34C or, Parker 99R. the Edwin Jagger has a level of beauty and functionality that make it shine  ! literally as the Chrome plating is brilliant and flawless as well as it being a mild to moderately aggressive razor depending on the blade pairing. I used a brand new Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge…the yellow package. I was super smooth after two passes and electively did a third ATG pass though not needed. Just wonderful, I really enjoyed todays shave now on multiple levels.


To end my shave was pretty standard though I used products for dual purpose. I did my cold water rinse and brought along my RazoRock alum block, as there was no reason to bring 3 blocks of alum along. After rinsing the alum I used the Proraso splash which is a different scent than the cream, but does have a great face feel. I also decided to turn the Proraso pre shave into a multi purpose post shave as well. The odd thing is this was always known as a pre/post though the newer jars only say Pre….. I still find it works great as a post balm… I assume it is a marketing “thing” and can still be used as a post shave I just add a drop of water to thin it out a bit and it absorbs perfectly like a balm.


One travel shave down two more to go. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Cremo face wash
  • Prep: Proraso pre-shave lotion
  • Soap: Catie’s Bubble’s “Menta Terrosa”
  • Cream: Proraso Green
  • Brush: Kent BLK-8
  • Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89LBL (Lined handle)
  • Blade: Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge (1)
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: Firehouse dark & Reuzel Red
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, RazoRock alum
  • After shave: Proraso splash
  • Balm: Proraso pre/post shave lotion

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