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There have been a ton of great reviews on Shaving Yeti’s Yeti Snot Shave Soap. They all go on about how cold it is. How it makes your eyes water and nose run. Well, I am here to tell you, take heed in their warnings. I went overboard and maybe made a few overzealous mistakes.

Mistake #1
Today was the day I shave my head. Takes longer.

Mistake #2
I didn’t shave all weekend so this was a three pass ordeal.

Mistake #3
My strategy. I do all three passes on my head before moving to the face. So this stuff just sat on my face the whole time.

Mistake #4
Cold water splash. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Finally mistake #5
I topped it off with Alcolado Glacial then Pinaus Lime Sec. I hate myself apparently.

Ok, it’s toxic green. It smells like menthol. It lathers ok. Not awesome, but good. The lather is very slick so I got a great shave.

Lets talk about how it feels. As soon as you start to face lather this, you begin to feel the burning icy sensation. Your eyes feel a cool breeze coming up from your cheeks. I personally got disorientated. No lie. It happened several times during the shave. When I lathered my head, the iciness was even greater. During the time I shave my noggin my face started to freeze. Now, I am a born and raised Newfoundlander who spent his winters tent camping in the deep forest under the snow. I have worked damp and tired with the military at -40 f/c. I know and love the cold. My face felt like that. Like when I took a shave and went out in the deep frosty air with a damp face. If you have not experienced that feeling, try this soap.

I will say, this is not for everyone. It’s very intense. Like nothing I have tried in shaving. The Alcolado Glacial felt like nothing following this face-freeze. If you’re sensitive to essential oils, this will be hard on you. I am a little and this did burn the cheeks a little. Of course the freezing lather cooled it off, so no redness.

This is a great product by a great new soap artisan. Can’t wait to try out all the rest of his offerings. Thanks Ernie.


UPDATE (August 20th, 2012): I can still smell the menthol from my towel. This is the first mentholated shave product I have used with any lasting power.

UPDATE (August 26th, 2012):
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