Pasteur Pharmacy and Surgical

Pasteur Pharmacy and Surgical –  34th St.

Our first shaving related stop on the New York trip was Pasteur Pharmacy & Surgical on 34th. This was just a 10 minute walk from our hotel. When we got there the owner told us it wouldn’t be open for half an hour so we went next door for some breakfast. If you get the chance, I recommend trying Alice’s Tea Cup. After breakfast we returned to Pasteur’s.

When you walk in, you are presented with tall walls of products. the walls are very close together and jam-packed from top to bottom. It wasn’t hard to find the shaving section on the right. Wow. I mean, WOW. I have seen Shaving Nirvana and have lived to tell about it. I walked out of there with just under $100 worth of stuff. I was holding back big time. I purchased some Cella, RazoRock Fresco, Derby Menthol, Palmolive Stick and a Speick Stick. Brother did I hold back. I so wanted one of those Goodfellas or iKons.

Pasteur Pharmacy and Surgical –  Lexington

The following day I made it over to the Lexington store. A little smaller and the razor selection is not near as good and is behind the counter. I did end up leaving there with some Floid and Pinaud Lime Sec aftershaves and Geo F Trumper’s famous Coral Skin Cream. Floid may be my new favorite. Great smelling stuff. Yelp Page


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