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SOTD: May 21st, 2013

Brush: Omega 10005 Soap: Tabac Razor: Murgress (Derby Blade) Balm: Nivea ASB Cologne: Clubman Special Reserve

SOTD: May 20th, 2013

Shave Cream: Proraso Red Brush: Tweezerman Badger Razor: Merkur “Progress” 500 (Mergress Knob) Aftershave: WitchHazel

SOTD: May 15th, 2013

Soap: Cella soap Brush: Rooney Super Silvertip Razor: 1976 Gillette Super Speed with Derbys Aftershave: RosePetal WitchHazel Balm: Nivea ASB Cologne: Floid

Cambridge Chemists, Manhattan

The final shopping stop we made was to Cambridge Chemists on Lexington. This store has a much smaller selection but had a …

Pasteur Pharmacy and Surgical

Pasteur Pharmacy and Surgical –  34th St. Our first shaving related stop on the New York trip was Pasteur Pharmacy & Surgical …

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Review

Just lathered up the Rooney 3/1 with Mitchell’s Wool Fat (MWF) for the first time. I love the smell. Very clean, like …