Interview with: Matt Pisarcik of the Razor Emporium

Take a listen, Here is an interview I did with Matt Pisarcik of the Razor Emporium. Razor Emporium is a premier restoration and vintage boutique based out of Phoenix Arizona. Besides restoration and knowledge of just about every razor ever made;  Matt carries high-end wet shaving supplies out of his new store front location;  including WSP brushes, and a wide selection of creams, soaps, and other wet shaving supplies.  As Always Matt was very gracious and a ton of knowledge was discussed about vintage razors, razor care and what to look for in a vintage or,  any razor for that matter. Lets not forget we also had a great discussion about modern razors and stainless steel razors such as the Ikon and Feather razors and most modern razors as well.  Hope you enjoy the Podcast!

– Aaron

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