Shaving Glossary

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AD -  Acquisition Disorder
AOS -  Brand: The Art of Shaving (
AS -  After shave
ASAD -  After Shave Acquisition Disorder
ASB -  Aftershave balm
ASL -  Aftershave lotion
ASM -  Aftershave Milk
ASSC -  Aftershave Skin Conditioner
ATG -  Against the grain (direction for stroke with a razor)
B&B -  Badger & Blade" wet-shaving on-line community (
BBS -  Baby butt smooth. A completely smooth shave result. Circular rubbing pattern with the fingertips can't detect any sort of stubble left, period.
CCS -  Close, comfortable shave
CHL -  Corn Huskers Lotion
croap -  Croap referes to a soft shaving soap that is too hard to be a cream. Cream + Soap = Croap.
- Synonyms: croaps
DFS -  Darn fine Shave
DRH -  D. R. Harris (
EMJ -  Every Man Jack (Brand) -
EO -  Essential Oil
faceturbate -  The practice of getting pleasure from feeling and rubbing one's face. Originally coined for shave geeks who loved to feel their smooth shaves, faceturbating can also be done by anyone who is impressed with the smoothness, clarity, or overall sexiness of their facial epidermis. Dude I got the closest shave this morning, I was faceturbating all day long.
- Synonyms: faceturbating, faceturbater
HTGAM -  How to Grow a Moustache (Brand)
- Synonyms: HTGaM, HTGaMs
KMF -  Brand: Kiss My Face Brand (
MdC -  Martin de Candre Shave Soap (
MMOC -  GEM Micromatic Open Comb
NOS -  New old stock (NOS), refers to products, usually of a vintage nature, that have never been sold at retail.
PIF -  "Pay It Forward" is a way to return a favor by doing a good deed for another person.
RSC -  Brand: The Real Shaving Co (
SAS -  Socially acceptable shave
SCS -  Brand: Saint Charles Shave (
- Synonyms: Saint Charles Shave
SOC -  Semogue owners club boar brush
SYOS -  Shave Your Own Shave
TGQ -  Brand: The Gentlemen’s Quarter ( Now Closed.
TTO -  "Twist To Open" To twist the handle or part of to open doors that expose the blade on a double edge safety razor.
WSC -  Wet Shave Club ( A gift of the month club that provides wet shaving products.
WTG -  With the grain.  Shaving in the same direction as your hair growth.
XTG -  Represents Across the grain. Meaning to shave across the grain of hair or perpendicular to it's growth. Also see WTG and ATG.
YMMV -  "Your Mileage May Vary" - It may work differently for you.
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