Alcolado Superior 70

Antonio Figueras Cerdà (1866-1933) was born in 1866, Mallorca, Spain and migrated to Puerto Rico in 1884 at the age of 18.

Antonio Figueras Cerdà
Antonio Figueras Cerdà

When the three founders of the Casa de Roses distillery retired to Spain, they left their business to his nephews Lorenzo Roses Borrás, Vicente Caballero and Antonio Figueras Cerdá, calling the company “Roses & Co. Successors”. Figueras grew the company and founded new companies and along with several distilleries in Arecibo, PR, merged into the Puerto Rico Distilling & Co. on February 2, 1911. Now known for the famous “Ron Rico” or the Central Sugar Cambalache, among other businesses as coffee plantations.

Puerto Rican Distillery Co
Puerto Rico Distilling & Co.

During Prohibition the company made the decision to start producing denatured alcohol, bay rum and other industrial products.

The company also manufactured alcoholado, a preparation obtained from the distillation, the alcohol, of one or more medicinal or aromatic substances. First f abricaban the alcoholado Santa Claus and in 1923, they took to market the Superior alcoholado 70, which still this date, remains the best-selling Puerto Rico. Up to 265 different brands of bay rum were eventually produced at the main distilling plant.

Ron Rico Co
Ron Rico Corporation

For much of the 20th century, Superior Alcoholado 70 was in every Puerto Rican home. It was uses as an ailment to sooth sore muscles, reduce fever, colds, sooth sich children and as an aftershave and cologne.

In Puerto Rico, the scent of alcoholado still brings back memories of grandparents and great grandparents. It is a part of their heritage and is still in use today.


In 1985, Serrallés, Inc., under the leadership of Felix Juan Serrallés, Sr., purchased Puerto Rican Distillers, Inc., from the Canadian liquor giant Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, LTD.

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